Cloud Hosting

Start-Up Cloud

Rp 200.000 / Month

Space 10GB

Contract 12 Months

Premium Cloud

Rp 500.000 / Month

Space 20GB

Contract 12 Months

Ultimate Cloud

Rp 1.000.000 / Month

Space 30GB

Contract 12 Months

What's Cloud Hosting ?

Cloud Hosting is one of the technologies with the services which are connected by many servers that interact with each other and connected to maintain performance

Cloud Hosting services that exist on Virtualindo an advantage where the linked server that will assure the security of data, users do not have to worry about server performance is not stable or limited resources on traditional hosting services like dedicated servers or shared hosting.

Cloud Hosting technology allows We have an unlimited resource (Unlimited Bandwidth), so websites that have a very high traffic will continue to be stable and can be up with the unlimited resource.

The concept of Cloud Hosting itself is to use the concept of "Divide and Rule", where the necessary resources will remain online are spread over a server and are allocated according to need. So will greatly reduce the likelihood of downtime when the damage occurred on the server.

There are so many advantages of Cloud Hosting especially for Your Online Business (read: Advantages of Cloud Hosting to Develop Online Business) so as to be the solution for you so that your website can run stable, fast performance, and secure from attacks that do not Responsible.

Cloud Hosting Features

Linux Server in Indonesia Premise
BitNinja Server Security
Patchman Anti Malware
CloudFlare CDN Support
SSH, GIT, Composser
Support HTTP/2
LiteSpeed Enterprise
Spam Filter
Load Balancer
Powerful SEO Tools
Free Set PHP Version
Python & Ruby
Databases System
Softaculous Auto Installer