Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Digicert SSL Plus

USD 175 + 25 / year

Contract 12 Months

Digicert SSL EV

USD 295 + 25 / year

Contract 12 Months

Digicert Wildcard Plus

USD 595 + 50 / year

Contract 12 Months

What is the SSL Certificate ?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that secures all forms of transactions that exist on your website. Starting from a website access to sensitive transactions such as registration, online shopping, e-mail, up to a credit card transaction. By installing SSL on the website, you will gain confidence, security, increase conversions, and ultimately can increase revenue from your website.

Safe & Reliable

SSL bring more security to your website to gain trust from your customers or visitors.

Show your Bona fide

SSL indicate that your company / organization is bona fide by paying attention to the security of your customers.

Increase Sales

With the trust of customers, no doubt, converting visitors into customers becomes easier and your revenue was boosted.